Qualcomm, the world famous smartphone chipset maker, unveiled the beastly Snapdragon 835 earlier at the starting of this year, and now it has come up with the processors that’ll be the heart of the budget smartphones coming forward. The Snapdragon 660 and 630 SoC has been designed to give smart devices a bang for the buck. The remarkable options are the AI on a chip, professional range dual camera support, updated Bluetooth 5 and X12 LTE Modem for more speed in LTE among other features.

Let us tell you an interesting thing- these two chipsets, Snapdragon 660 and 630, are a face upliftment of the previous-gen SoCs- Snapdragon 653 and 625 respectively.

What we can expect after seeing the Claims by the Qualcomm

  • Faster processing power than the previous two chipsets.
  • Better Power Management to provide smart power saving.
  • Better graphics when coupled with upgraded GPUs.
  • Smarter and upgraded connectivity options.

What Qualcomm says-

Kedar Kondap, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. expresses about a lot of potentials of these two new chips-

“With the introduce of the Snapdragon 660 and 630 Mobile Platforms, we are thrilled and excited as well that features such as improved graphics that will deliver superior image quality and faster LTE speeds will now be available in a wide array of devices without sacrificing either performance or quality.”

A special note:

  • These two chips are made 14nm chipset architecture which is famous for the ultimate smartphone experience. Both the chipset got 20% more processing power inbuilt compared than the previous devices and 30% more improvement in graphics.

New Adreno 512 GPU-

  • This new GPU is attached to the new processor so that it can produce unimaginable graphics experiences for the users. The Adreno 512 is 30%-40% efficient in performance than the predecessor Adreno 508.

Quick Charge 4:

  • You may know about quick charge 3.0 version which lets users charge their phones at an unbelievable speed. Qualcomm introduces Quick charge 4.0 that can charge your phone more than 50% in just 15 minutes!

A new invention-

  • New chipsets consume 50%-60% less power in location service and 50% less when connected to Wi-Fi.

Spectra 160 premium camera ISP:

  • This new invention has taken the tech world upside down since Qualcomm releases the performance of it. It improved image processing abilities and high-quality raw image production. You can include dual camera setups easily using these SoCs. The hexagon 680 DSP and SD 660 has taken the visual and audio processing into a new height.

Higher RAM attachment capability:

  • These two new chips can be attached to up to 8 GB DDR3 RAM.

Improved Wireless Connectivity:

  • The latest SD 660 also included here with 2×2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi — far improved wireless network.

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The world is no more depends on English. With the waves of Globalizations thoughts of the people have changed a lot and now even English look for learning different languages. It’s fun when you meet a foreigner and talk with him in his native language! We used to read books, joined courses to learn different languages, but if you don’t have these options, still there is hope for you. Using your Smartphone, you can learn everything even at a faster pace. You just need one of the below-mentioned apps installed on your phone! That’s it.

Android has opened a window of a new world while the apps take you to the extreme experience of what a smartphone can do! These language learning apps are the examples-


Duolingo- Learn a language at free of cost!

This app has drawn a lot of attentions. If you are here to learn spoken languages of different parts of the world, then this app helps you to find out the simplest way of getting things learned easily. To make the things easy, it has done a level up for itself by introducing the integration capability of the app with Android Wear! O start learning regardless of the location, situation! Everything is now in your hand buddy.

Tako- Learn Japanese in a simple way!

Find a more exotic way to learn the Japanese language with Tako! Learning Japanese is quite awesome especially if you have a plan to visit the “land of rising sun.” To experience the feelings of Japanese, you need to know the actual meaning and proper pronunciations of the words used in Japanese. If you talk with a Japanese guy in Japanese language (whatever the accent you use), then you can feel a different heartwarming welcome in every part of Japan.

Mango Languages- Learning gets simple here

It’s simply the best language learning app we have ever tested. You can learn 60 different languages from it. The UI is so appealing that we recommend this app for kids also!

Another tweak of this app is that you can get over the accent issue because if you make the native speaker option “ON,” it will generate perfect accent of the word you put there. This app is more than a simple language app- you can get clear ideas about vocabulary, grammar and exact pronunciation of each and every word typed.


To get familiarized with the new languages, you need to have a grip on the vocabulary and understand by simply listening to the native accent. This app is the perfect example. You can come across a lot of new languages and hours of audio works done behind it to make the app more intuitive and to set an example as well.

Chinese Skill- Learn Mandarin for free

China is becoming the next superpower regarding the size of the economy in the world. Apart from this reason, you may have to visit China because of the ancient culture and hidden cultural treasure. So learning Mandarin can be the best way to interact with the common people there to learn about the things which are undiscovered to the people outside China.


This colorful app offers more than 50 languages to learn right from the dashboard of the app. There are more than thousands of courses in 200 different languages to get involved. This one has a fresh and clear approach to language learning.

This is your friend and author Crystal; I hope you had a good read. Will see you all again with another shareable and knowledgeable article, till then have a great day.

A big reveal for Apple fans and developers! It looks like Apple’s 2017 mini tab is going to have a new name. iPad Mini 5 will likely be called iPad Pro 2017.

Even though fans of Apple iPad were waiting for the launch of the iPad mini 5’s much-awaited release, but the American multinational technological company Apple is taking a backseat for its release, which will bring a lot of disappointing to thousands of fans worldwide. A line of mini tablet computers, iPad Mini have been designed developed and marketed by Apple. The first generation of iPad Mini saw the light of the day in October, 2012, while the second generation of iPad was released in November, 2013. The third generation was released in October 2014 and the latest, that is, the fourth generation of iPad Mini was launched in September 2015.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst has stated that the Apple would like to bring to the public something based on the given the current buying trend. That is why the release date of iPad Mini 5 is being delayed.


As per latest reports, three iPad models were anticipated to be launched in March 2017; a 10-inch iPad, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and a 9.7-inch iPad. The birth of the iPad Mini 5, which is being billed as the smallest iPad version yet, is still in doubt. The iPad Mini 5 which is set to be the latest device in the 7.9-inch iPad lineup is one of the highly anticipated gadgets of the year. Moreover, the rising popularity of phablets in 2016 has proved to be more than a wave of a fad in the digital industry. The iPad Mini 5 has to be plugged in for always-on Hey Siri Support to work, which is weird since the A9 ought to have the low-power hardware necessary to make the feature work on battery power.

All these have supposedly contributed to pushing back the iPad Mini 5’s release date.

Coming to the features and specs of the new iPad Pro 2017

Touch ID and Apple Pay will get full support from iPad Mini 5. Coming to its memory, it has got 2GB memory, which is the same as the Pro. This automatically means that all of iOS’ current multitasking features are fully supported. Coming to the comparison factor, the iPad Pro supports a few extra peripherals and offers a little more speed, but most of the tasks that it can do can also be done by iPad 5.The iPad Pro and iPad Mini 5 has got the same screen size and resolution and have similar, if not identical, size and weight, although iPad Mini 5 is slightly larger and heavier than the iPad Pro. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE capabilities are seemingly identical to iPad Pro.

Consumers use more than one billion Apple products worldwide as of March 2016. It is also the world’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer by sheer volume. The iPad 5 uses the Apple A9 SoC which was originally introduced in the iPhone 6S 18-months ago. The double core CPU of iPad Mini is of the same architecture as what Apple uses in iPad’s Pro’s A9X, the difference being that it is just clocked a bit lower – 1.8GHz compared to around 2.1GHz in the 9.7-inch Pro and 2.25GHZ in the 12.9-inch Pro. The battery life of iPad Mini 5 is also bigger than iPad Air 2 and the A9 should be more power efficient than both the Air 2’s A8X and the original Air’s A7.

Showing your gaming skill by streaming games on various social media like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and other similar platform is now a must for many gamers. As a hardcore gamer you a bought a brand new shiny Nintendo Switch to your house just to figure that Nintendo doesn’t support streaming yet. What would you?

Nintendo is the latest gaming sensation that broke its own record of selling more number of consoles in a single month. But unfortunately, Nintendo still lacks some features like the online streaming, streaming games to platforms like Twitch, recording games and much more. Nintendo has promised that all the missing features will be adding to the system with some software updates in future.

Currently, there is no specific date announced about the addition of these features. We shall wait to see when that is coming. Until then you can use other third party methods to stream Games directly to the social platforms.

How to Live Stream Games from Nintendo Switch on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube

For streaming Nintendo Switch game, you need to have a Gaming Capture card. Gaming capture card can be found on Amazon for as low as $120. There are two types of capture card available. I suggest you buying one that is similar to the image below.

  • The very first step is to connect your new gaming capture card to your PC via USB cable.

Note- To make this article work for you, you have to dock your switch in TV mode.

  • Get an HDMI cable and plug one end into the Nintendo Switch dock and another end into the HDMI input port of capture card.
  • Now get another HDMI cable, plug one end into your TV and another into the HDMI output port on the capture card.
  • If everything is followed as mentioned, you should see the game on both TV and PC.
  • Now go to the official website of your capture card and download the software. Open the software on PC and hit record.
  • This will record your gaming season.
  • If recording game was your only thing, then you are done here. For my other friends who are looking to live stream that game, please read further.
  • To stream game to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, we have to go one step further. We have to download and install broadcasting software on PC. There are many paid options, but I found a free alternative.
  • The software called XSplit. Download the software and install on your PC.
  • Open the software and select your capture card as the source and select your platform and strat live streaming.

After following all the above mentioned step, you should have successfully streamed your gaming skill with your fans and others who live games.

If you are up to dated with my about page, you know I love watching anime series online. Watching anime is one of my main hobbies. I always keep my eye on various best anime streaming sites. Being an anime fan, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on the newly launched Amazon Strike anime streaming platform.

Anime streaming is a big market, especially in this internet generation. Amazon realized that and launched its own anime streaming service called Amazon Strike. With Amazon strike, subscribers can enjoy over 1000 anime titles on any device. There are even some shows which are only exclusively available on Amazon Strike in the USA. This shows, how Amazon is trying hard to get into this market.

Current market leader Crunchyroll has more than 750,000 titles and available for both free and paid subscribers. This is interesting to see if Amazon is worth giving a shot. In this article, I will show you all the features and where it stands in the competition.


The Anime Selection

The collection of anime is what matters for many anime fans. Sure, 1000 anime titles sound huge on paper but when you compare this with other competitors like Crunchyroll which has 750, 000, 1000 is not that big of a number. Amazon is able to hold exclusive streaming right for some titles like ViVid Strike!, Shin-chan Spin-off vol.1 Aliens vs. Shinnosuke, Chi’s Sweet Adventure, The Great Passage, Scum’s Wish and Onihei which gives it an edge over the competition. Amazon also able to stream few anime series like Scum’s Wish and Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga the same day it airs in Japan.

Amazon is trying to capture, and it is too early to say what Amazon will see in future.


I have a mixed feeling about pricing. Amazon Strike is just another channel of Amazon which is only subscribable if you are a prime member. That means if you want to watch anime on Amazon, you have to first subscribe to the Amazon Prime. That is $11 per month or $100 per year. So in total, you have to pay $15 a month or $160 per year. This is on an expensive side especially when you compare with competitors like Crunchyroll which is $6.95 per month and Funimation which is $6 per month.

Amazon could just make Anime available for all Prime member, or they could make Amazon Strike available without prime subscription. I am not up for paying 15 bucks for a service which has less number of titles.


Device support is not going to be an issue because Amazon Strike is a part of Amazon video that means you get to watch almost all the smart device which has internet connectivity.

But the problem is Amazon Strike is available in the USA, and if you are a kind of person who travels a lot, then you might not be able to watch Anime while you are not in the States. I don’t understand why Amazon is doing this cause Amazon Prime itself is available in the whole bunch of countries. Maybe because of the license?

Final Thought

Amazon is really trying hard to capture this market. Had they have a fair price, they would have gained some more traction. It will be interesting to see how Amazon plays its game to outperforms its competitors. Till then sit back and enjoy how other competitors responding to Amazon.

The long known and most irritated glitch of Instagram is now fixed! Earlier there was a bug on Instagram which would notify or spam your notification with the tag you had when your account was disabled.

Account disable one of the best features on any social media. This lets you temporarily lock your account, and no one will see your account until you re-active your account again. This helps people to temporarily take a break from your social life and focus on other things like your exam, office assignment, spending quality time with real people. But the problem many people faced while they re-active their account. The period when the account was disabled and people tagged in that particular period started spamming users notification. Many people had had the similar issue, and Instagram was aware of that.


This ‘known bug’ was first reported in January 2016. It is a log time for any company to fix a bug. But finally, this seems to be fixed.

Even though this bug is too old and people are suffering from this issue, it first came to the public when a Mashable author mentioned about this in a post. Then Instagram released a press release saying they have identified the bug and it will be fixed soon. The next day there was another post on Mashable about the reply of Instagram and fixing of that bug.

“And after reproducing the issue, we can confirm that the fix worked for us,” wrote Mashable. It seems like Instagram has fixed this known bug. If you were planning to disable or re-activating your Instagram, you should do now without any tension of being spammed in your notification.

Have a great day and keep reading us. Cause we are sharing every tech news, tips and things that a tech enthusiast understands.

Google Play is massive, millions of apps now available there. To encourage app developers, Google every year pick some best apps in particular category and award them at Google IO. This year i.e. 2017 Google will be held in coming weeks where Google will award some best apps of 2016. This time around Google has decided to award apps in 12 categories. When most of the categories were there too in 2016 IO, but this time Google has added few new categories.

Standout Startup is honouring some of the fast moving startup and their apps. Some cool names like Digit, Castbox, and Hooked, can be seen competing in this category.

Similarly, Standout Indie category is for indie developers focusing on artistic design, gameplay mechanism. Names like Mars:Mars, Mushroom 11 can be seen in this category.

If you are thinking this award for smartphone apps only then you are wrong as Google also added a category for Android Wear apps. Some interesting apps like Runtastic Running & Fitness, Seven – 7 Minute Workout are on parade for best Android Wear apps.

All this categories and nominees were announced in an Android developer blog post. Also, there is a dedicated area in Google play for all these nominated apps to download and try.

How Google Decide Best Apps?

Hmmm! This is an interesting question that many people might have asked himself. Luckily we have that answer. To qualify, each app has to keep a high rating, huge downloads, and a constant update from April 2016. After that Google staff pick some apps which have qualified previous round, then they put those on observation. This is how Google decide which app to pick in which category.

There are other unusual categories like ‘Best Social Impact’ and ‘Best Accessibility Experience’ which Google describe as apps that created meaningful social impact and apps that helped disabled people in better way respectively.

Among the all, ‘Best TV Experience,’ ‘Best VR Experience,’ ‘Best AR Experience‘ and ‘Best Multiplayer Game‘ creating buzz.

The Google, I/O event, is scheduled at 6:30 PM PDT on 18th May.

The much awaited smartphone of the year Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ is now available in the USA. After a long wait for pre-order period, the devices are now available to buy from stores in the market. Unlocked Samsung can be purchased from Samsung stores or, from Samsung’s official website. While the locked device is available at carrier’s store or their official website. The unlocked S8 comes with a price tag of $720 and S8+ at $820. Both the S8 and S8+ available in three more markets along with the USA. They are Canada, South Korea, and Puerto Rico.

While launching these in these markets, Samsung also mentioned that the both devices will come in other markets ‘in the weeks ahead.’

While we are here, it is also worth mentioning that these two devices are the new flagship device from Samsung. This is a major bid from Samsung to earn respect back from the consumers after the dramatic Note 7 failure.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ features:

If you are confused between which device to buy then here is a quick look at the device specs and features.

Both devices are huge in screen and low in footprint thanks to the Infinity display and Samsung’s wise decision for a nearly bezel-less phone. The S8 is a 5.8 inches display phone where as S8+ spots a whopping 6.2 inches display. Both the phones come with rather unusual aspect ratio of 18.5:9 which makes the device little taller and comfortable to handle.

Both the device is powered by Snapdragon 835 chipset or Exynos 8895 chipset depending on where you live. Both devices come with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Both S8 and S8+ have MicroSD slot to support 256GB additional storage.

The rear camera is a led down for many people as Samsung decided to use the same 12MP sensor from the previous generation S7 with some minor improvement. The front camera got a bump from 5MP of S7 to a new 8MP.

In software section, Samsung has added a new AI assistant called Bixby. It works almost same as Google Assistant. It is strange for many people that why would Samsung choose to develop when Android has its own assistant. The Bixby still in development mode, seems like Samsung made its new flagship users a beta tester for Bixby :p Samsung is very serious about Bixby, and that can be seen by the fact that Samsung has added a dedicated Bixby button on the left side of the screen. Samsung’s new flagship phones come with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box with Samsung’s TouchWiz skin on top.

The fingerprint scanner located in a bizzar place right next to the camera at the back which is a very uncomfortable place to put fingerprint scanner. Though it has iris scanner and it is much improved than before but still people missing the convenient of a fingerprint scanner.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are interesting devices. If you made your mind to get any of the mentioned phones, then this is the right time for you.