Best Language Learning Apps for Android

The world is no more depends on English. With the waves of Globalizations thoughts of the people have changed a lot and now even English look for learning different languages. It’s fun when you meet a foreigner and talk with him in his native language! We used to read books, joined courses to learn different languages, but if you don’t have these options, still there is hope for you. Using your Smartphone, you can learn everything even at a faster pace. You just need one of the below-mentioned apps installed on your phone! That’s it.

Android has opened a window of a new world while the apps take you to the extreme experience of what a smartphone can do! These language learning apps are the examples-


Duolingo- Learn a language at free of cost!

This app has drawn a lot of attentions. If you are here to learn spoken languages of different parts of the world, then this app helps you to find out the simplest way of getting things learned easily. To make the things easy, it has done a level up for itself by introducing the integration capability of the app with Android Wear! O start learning regardless of the location, situation! Everything is now in your hand buddy.

Tako- Learn Japanese in a simple way!

Find a more exotic way to learn the Japanese language with Tako! Learning Japanese is quite awesome especially if you have a plan to visit the “land of rising sun.” To experience the feelings of Japanese, you need to know the actual meaning and proper pronunciations of the words used in Japanese. If you talk with a Japanese guy in Japanese language (whatever the accent you use), then you can feel a different heartwarming welcome in every part of Japan.

Mango Languages- Learning gets simple here

It’s simply the best language learning app we have ever tested. You can learn 60 different languages from it. The UI is so appealing that we recommend this app for kids also!

Another tweak of this app is that you can get over the accent issue because if you make the native speaker option “ON,” it will generate perfect accent of the word you put there. This app is more than a simple language app- you can get clear ideas about vocabulary, grammar and exact pronunciation of each and every word typed.


To get familiarized with the new languages, you need to have a grip on the vocabulary and understand by simply listening to the native accent. This app is the perfect example. You can come across a lot of new languages and hours of audio works done behind it to make the app more intuitive and to set an example as well.

Chinese Skill- Learn Mandarin for free

China is becoming the next superpower regarding the size of the economy in the world. Apart from this reason, you may have to visit China because of the ancient culture and hidden cultural treasure. So learning Mandarin can be the best way to interact with the common people there to learn about the things which are undiscovered to the people outside China.


This colorful app offers more than 50 languages to learn right from the dashboard of the app. There are more than thousands of courses in 200 different languages to get involved. This one has a fresh and clear approach to language learning.

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