No iPad Mini 5, It’s iPad Pro 2017- a New Name, a New Game

A big reveal for Apple fans and developers! It looks like Apple’s 2017 mini tab is going to have a new name. iPad Mini 5 will likely be called iPad Pro 2017.

Even though fans of Apple iPad were waiting for the launch of the iPad mini 5’s much-awaited release, but the American multinational technological company Apple is taking a backseat for its release, which will bring a lot of disappointing to thousands of fans worldwide. A line of mini tablet computers, iPad Mini have been designed developed and marketed by Apple. The first generation of iPad Mini saw the light of the day in October, 2012, while the second generation of iPad was released in November, 2013. The third generation was released in October 2014 and the latest, that is, the fourth generation of iPad Mini was launched in September 2015.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst has stated that the Apple would like to bring to the public something based on the given the current buying trend. That is why the release date of iPad Mini 5 is being delayed.


As per latest reports, three iPad models were anticipated to be launched in March 2017; a 10-inch iPad, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and a 9.7-inch iPad. The birth of the iPad Mini 5, which is being billed as the smallest iPad version yet, is still in doubt. The iPad Mini 5 which is set to be the latest device in the 7.9-inch iPad lineup is one of the highly anticipated gadgets of the year. Moreover, the rising popularity of phablets in 2016 has proved to be more than a wave of a fad in the digital industry. The iPad Mini 5 has to be plugged in for always-on Hey Siri Support to work, which is weird since the A9 ought to have the low-power hardware necessary to make the feature work on battery power.

All these have supposedly contributed to pushing back the iPad Mini 5’s release date.

Coming to the features and specs of the new iPad Pro 2017

Touch ID and Apple Pay will get full support from iPad Mini 5. Coming to its memory, it has got 2GB memory, which is the same as the Pro. This automatically means that all of iOS’ current multitasking features are fully supported. Coming to the comparison factor, the iPad Pro supports a few extra peripherals and offers a little more speed, but most of the tasks that it can do can also be done by iPad 5.The iPad Pro and iPad Mini 5 has got the same screen size and resolution and have similar, if not identical, size and weight, although iPad Mini 5 is slightly larger and heavier than the iPad Pro. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE capabilities are seemingly identical to iPad Pro.

Consumers use more than one billion Apple products worldwide as of March 2016. It is also the world’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer by sheer volume. The iPad 5 uses the Apple A9 SoC which was originally introduced in the iPhone 6S 18-months ago. The double core CPU of iPad Mini is of the same architecture as what Apple uses in iPad’s Pro’s A9X, the difference being that it is just clocked a bit lower – 1.8GHz compared to around 2.1GHz in the 9.7-inch Pro and 2.25GHZ in the 12.9-inch Pro. The battery life of iPad Mini 5 is also bigger than iPad Air 2 and the A9 should be more power efficient than both the Air 2’s A8X and the original Air’s A7.

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