Now You Won’t Be Notified for All the Tags You Had When You Re-Active Your Instagram

The long known and most irritated glitch of Instagram is now fixed! Earlier there was a bug on Instagram which would notify or spam your notification with the tag you had when your account was disabled.

Account disable one of the best features on any social media. This lets you temporarily lock your account, and no one will see your account until you re-active your account again. This helps people to temporarily take a break from your social life and focus on other things like your exam, office assignment, spending quality time with real people. But the problem many people faced while they re-active their account. The period when the account was disabled and people tagged in that particular period started spamming users notification. Many people had had the similar issue, and Instagram was aware of that.


This ‘known bug’ was first reported in January 2016. It is a log time for any company to fix a bug. But finally, this seems to be fixed.

Even though this bug is too old and people are suffering from this issue, it first came to the public when a Mashable author mentioned about this in a post. Then Instagram released a press release saying they have identified the bug and it will be fixed soon. The next day there was another post on Mashable about the reply of Instagram and fixing of that bug.

“And after reproducing the issue, we can confirm that the fix worked for us,” wrote Mashable. It seems like Instagram has fixed this known bug. If you were planning to disable or re-activating your Instagram, you should do now without any tension of being spammed in your notification.

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